Content Management Services

Content is considered king of all the marketing activities and with an efficient operation; it truly gains advantage over others. About 80% of an organisation’s assets are in an unstructured information form, CMS has emerged as a top priority for businesses today.

Every industry segment and every department have different CMS needs. Hence we take an in-depth understanding of your business to provide the best CMS solutions with maximum ROI.

LV Media designs easy to manage content management system for website administration, authoring and collaboration.

Our strengths are WordPress, Joomla and Magento based content management solutions that can be used for publishing, editing and modifying web content.

The content can be edited directly on the web page. The content repository stores page content to reduce load on web pages and the performance of web pages is improved due to server side caching.

Why do you need content management system (CMS)?

  • Add/ remove/ edit the information of your website yourself
  • The content can be edited anytime easily
  • Need not pay content updation fee repeatedly
  • Scalable system that can run across many domains
  • Parallel work by many users can be updated
  • CMS supports multilingual and versioning
  • Easy and simple user access for content modification- update the content on a go
  • Collaboration and management of content becomes easy
  • Web standards can be upgraded whenever needed