Web Maintenance Services

Website Maintenance is needed for amplification of features and content of a website. The installation of updates is required for regular maintenance of a website. Every website requires IT support and standard maintenance services for content, applications and design amendments from time to time. LV MEDIA PVT LTD provides website maintenance which involves incorporation of new pages, change in looks, improvements in services and other developments.

In the time of technology, if your website is not working 24X7, then you might be losing a large share of your clients. The most important benefit of LV Media’s Website maintenance systems is that when something goes wrong, you will be able to get instant support from our team in no matter of time.

LV MEDIA PVT LTD also provides related website revision service for new online campaigns, launch of new business and products of our clients. Our services involve theme-based online marketing campaigns and reputation building based on the recommendations of our online marketing team. We also provide brand creation, positioning, research, presentations, consultation and regular maintenance needed for long-term outcomes.

Our website maintenance also includes server management services to keep your websites up-to-the-mark:

  • User administration (setup and maintaining account)
  • Maintaining system
  • Verify that peripherals are working properly
  • Quickly arrange repair for hardware in occasion of hardware failure
  • Monitor system performance
  • Create file systems
  • Install software
  • Create a backup and recovery policy
  • Monitor network communication
  • Update system as soon as new version of OS and application software comes out
  • Implement the policies for the use of the computer system and network
  • Setup security policies for users. A system admin must have a strong grasp of computer security (e.g. firewalls and intrusion detection systems)
  • Documentation in form of internal wiki
  • Password and identity management
  • Server Installation
  • AD configuration
  • All type of Backup Solution
  • Antivirus installation Configuration
  • Remote Desktop Setup

Our website maintenance wing is active 24X7 just to make sure that everything is running in tune!